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Due to the high demand for suitable nursing staff in Germany, well-trained foreign nursing professionals have good chances of finding a job on the German labor market. However, this process often turns out to be difficult, requiring appropriate support for foreign nurses.

As TRUECARE GmbH, we organize this process so that the foreign nurse would be entitled to support and be accompanied at all times. We advise, qualify and place foreign nursing staff comprehensively.



TrueCare does not just help one find a nursing job in Germany, they also make sure it will be the perfect one for you since they are partners with many institutions in different regions. Applicants are continuously updated and guided of the process, may it be for Visa application or Recognition, and they establish constant communication, which I believe is very important in building Agency-Applicant relationship.

I would definitely recommend TrueCare to my colleagues who would want to venture nursing abroad, particularly in Germany, because as the name itself says, this is not just an agency, it’s an agency that truly cares.

Ray Vincent Velasco, registered nurse

Thank you Truecare because you truly care! Highly recommended agency dedicated to be A1. Thank you to our Quality Manager and staffs for the efforts and all. 🙏 Godspeed!

Kirk Kelly Jajalla, registered nurse

I highly recommend TrueCare. The Name speaks for itself. 😘. I can’t Thank You Enough for all the efforts and Time. May God Bless the People behind TrueCare and TrueCare. Despite of this Pandemic you never left us nor ignore us. You helped and still helping us to reach our dreams. Thank you once again. 😍 Who truly cares? TrueCare.

Sarah Abigail Quijada, registered nurse

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